Andrew Smyth

As Roger Andrewes (vicar from 1606 to 1609) probably never visited his parish at Cocking, the spiritual needs of the parishioners were met by the curate, Andrew Smyth.

Smith was born at Dunham Magna (now Great Dunham) in Norfolk in about 1578.

In July 1605, he became curate at St. Mary the Virgin at Denby, Derbyshire where he served the parish for about two years. By March 1608, he was in Sussex and was formally licenced at Chichester Cathedral on 9 March to ‘cure all souls’ within the diocese.

He is first mentioned in the Cocking parish register when he signed the register for 1607. He continued to sign the register each year until 1612.

On 2 October 1612, his daughter Bridget was christened at Cocking; unfortunately, the parish records do not record the name of the child’s mother.

By this time, William Mattock was vicar at Cocking. In 1612, Andrew Smyth appeared as a witness in a case involving a dispute between Revd. Mattock and John Love of Singleton regarding the entitlement to the tithes.

After 1612, there are no further records of Andrew Smyth.