William Southwell

William Southwell was born at Lockerley Green (six miles north-west of Romsey) in 1799, and baptised at St John’s parish church on 6 December 1799. He was the ninth of eleven children born to John Southwell (1746–1844) and his wife Sarah née Judd (1763–1842).

On 31 October 1825, William (aged 26) married 23-year old Martha Pritchard (1802–1885) at St Leonard’s Church, in her home village of Sherfield English.

The couple had seven surviving children:

Louisa, born at Sherfield English 1827, died 1865

She married George Southweii (1819–1900) (a cousin?) in 1847 and had ten children. She died shortly after the birth of her youngest child.

Alfred John, born at East Dean 1833, died 30 November 1918

Ann Matilda, born at East Dean 1835, died 9 January 1859

She married William Compton (1834–1905) in 1858 and died at the birth of her only child, Julia Ann, in January 1859

Josiah, born at East Dean 1837, died 1860

Emigrated to Australia and died in Sydney NSW in April 1860

Mary Elizabeth, born at East Dean 20 March 1839, died 17 May 1930

She married Henry Swaine (1831–1885) in November 1858, and had one daughter, Alice born 1859. On her death in May 1930, aged 91, she was reported as the oldest resident of Houghton, near Romsey

Sarah Keturah, born at Lockerley Green 1841, died 1929

She married Edwin Henry Hibberd (1845–1894) in 1866 and had nine children, three of whom died as infants

Jane Dewey, born at Lockerley Green 1843, died 1913

She married Henry Southwell (1841–1909) (a cousin?) and had one child, Annie born 1871.

It has not been possible to trace baptism records for any of the children.

At the 1841 census, William and Martha were living at Lockerley Green with their then six children. William’s occupation was given as grocer. Living nearby were Charles and Harriet Southwell with their six children, Henry and Anne Southwell with two children, and 65-year old Elizabeth Southwell and her daughter, also Elizabeth.

10 years later, the family were still living at Lockerley Green, William now gave his occupation as a grocer and baker. Living with them still were their six children: 18-year old Alfred John (a bricklayer’s assistant), 16-year old Ann Matilda (an assistant in the shop), 14-year old Josiah (an errand boy), 12-year old Mary Elizabeth, 10-year old Sarah Keturah and 7-year old Jane Dewey (the three youngest girls were all described as scholars). Louisa (now 24) was living at Lockerley Street with her husband George (a grocer) and two children.

In 1861, William and Martha were at the same address with 61-year old William still engaged as a grocer. By now, only Alfred John of the five oldest children was still living at home. Alfred (aged 28) was working as a carpenter. The two youngest daughters, shown as Keturah (aged 20) and Dewey (aged 17, were at home (with no stated occupation) together with [Julia] Ann Compton, the 2-year old daughter of Ann Matilda.

William Southwell died at Lockerley Green, aged 67, on 6 January 1867. The cause of death was recorded as “general decay”.

The 1871 census records Martha (now 69) resident at The Queens Head, Lockerley Green, with the occupation of beerhouse keeper. Her 12-year old granddaughter, Julia Ann Compton, was also resident as were two male lodgers.

At the 1881 census, Martha was now living at Providence Cottage, Lockerley Green; aged 79, she was described as a grocer and baker. Living with her were her daughter, Jane Dewey (aged 38) and her husband, Henry Southwell (aged 40), a butcher; together with 10-year old Annie, the daughter of  Alfred John Southwell and his late wife, Sarah Ann [Rogers].

Martha Southwell died, aged 83, at Lockerley Green on 13 January 1885. Probate was granted to her son-in-law, Henry Southwell; her estate was valued at just £10 5 shillings.