Walter’s War: Contents


Pre-war 1931 to 1939

I join the Territorials August 1939 to Spring 1940

295 Army Field Company Royal Engineers Spring to September 1940

On board SS Oronsay (Under attack) October 1940

The Isle of Man October and November 1940

On the RMS Andes, bound for North Africa November and December 1940

First glimpses of Egypt January 1941

Life in Egypt – Kit and weapons January 1941

Life in Egypt – Food January 1941

Sidi Barrani February 1941

Bardia February and March 1941

On the road to Benghazi March 1941

Benghazi interlude March 1941

Retreat from Benghazi April 1941

On the road to Tobruk April 1941

Besieged April 1941

Nicosia airfield, Cyprus May 1941 to late 1941

Troodos Mountains, Cyprus Summer 1941

Athalassa camp, Cyprus Late 1941 to June 1942

Alexandria June to August 1942

Disaster at Tobruk August and September 1942

Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery Late September 1942

The Battle of El Alamein September to October 1942

In hospital November 1942

I return to my unit November 1942

Front line to Cairo and back again, several times December 1942 onwards

D-Day – Preparations November 1943 to June 1944

D-Day – Crossing the Channel June 1944

D-Day – Landing in Normandy 6th & 7th June 1944