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Abraham, Felix

Allen, James

Andrew, Mary and Henry

Andrewes, Roger

Armstrong, Walter Seymour

Ash, Richard Robert Drummond

Ashburnham, John

Baguley, Alexander

Barker, James

Bartlett, Stephen

Baumgarten, Charles

Benham, Charles Henry

Bettesworth, Tom

Blaxton, Henry

Blew, William John


Blunden, Charles

Blunden, James

Botterill, Stuart

Broadwood, John

Bulbeck, Henry

Bulloch, Peter Clouston

Burnand, John

Burrell, John

Carlisle, James.

Challen,  Benjamin Shotter

Christmas, Edwin Cecil Russell

Churcher, George

Clarke, Joseph

Cocking’s Chichester Elm

Cocking’s Priests in the Middle Ages

Cooper, Harriet

Crime & Punishment in Cocking in the Nineteenth Century

Daughtry, George

Denman, Richard

Dudman, Mary Ann

Drunk and Disorderly

Earley, Walter George

Walter’s War

Ecclestone, Frederick George Porter

Fieldwick, George Thomas

French, Edward John

George, Athelstan Key Durancé

Goodwin, George

Graham, Thomas Fleck

Green, Herbert Williams

Greey, Robert

Haley, Charles Thomas

Harwood, Benjamin

Hatchard, Edward Charles

Hitchins, Henry William Ernest

Horton, James and William

Hudson, Frank

Humphry, Frank 

Hunt, Arthur Cecil

Hunter, David Ainslie

Hutchinson, Thomas

Jenkins, David

Joiner, Herbert George

Kemys, Nicholas

Kingshott, John

Laker, Elizabeth Millicent

Lawrance, William John

Lycett, Barron Lycett

Macey, Gerald Charles

MacKirdy, Gillies

Maidlow, James

Majendie, Stuart

Marshall, Edith Emma .

Marshall, George

Marshall, Harold

Marshall, Mark

Martineau, Alfred John

Mattock, William

McNaught, Robert

Mills, William

Milne, John

Napper, John

Other Crimes of a Sexual Nature

Owen, Sidney Smith

Pelfrey, Thomas William

Pelham, John

Peskett, Guy Eastcott Harry

Pleydell, Josiah

Pollard, William

Pope, Cyril Montague

Porter, William (& his son Sydney)

Pryor, Harold Joseph

Punishment of Children

Purser, Thomas

Railway comes to Cocking

Ram, George Edward

Randall, Henry Lawrence

Redshawe, Anthony

Revill, John Albert

Rhoades, Thomas

Richardson, William Pryor

Rickman, Mary Ann

Robertson, Thomas Lockie

Robson, Robert

Rodgers, Albert Henry

Rogers, Charlotte

Rogers, Ellen

Ruffe, William

Sadler, William

Sargent, George Hanway

Murder of Captain Sargent

Scott, Hugh

Scrimgeour, Alexander (1835–1882)

Scrimgeour, Alexander Carron

Scrimgeour, Ethel

Scrimgeour, John Alexander

Sharland, William Wellington

Shoesmith, John

Short, William James

Slidel, Sydney Robert

Skynner, Melmoth

Smyth, Andrew

Spyre, Thomas

Stacey, Gerald Arthur

Stacpole, John

Stevens, Ernest Edward

Stevens, John

Strotton, Elizabeth

Teed, Edmund

Tench, Thomas

Thornton, Robert Lawrence

Thornton, Robert West

Tickle,  Frederick Ralph

Tomlinson, Thwaite George

Valentine, Thomas

Varndell, John

Vigor, Jane

Webb, George Harvey Duder

Webster-Jones, Alfred Owen

Wedderburn, George Herbert

Wharton, Joel

Wheler, Roger

Wilkinson, Frank

Williams, Thomas

Wilson, John

Woolford, Thomas

Wright, Francis

Young, Stanley James

514 Squadron RAF: 30th June 1944


There is a separate index for the casualties commemorated on the Rother valley war memorials